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Add-On Services

Dematting and DeShedding

Dematting removes tangles and knots in coat.

Deshedding removes excess dead undercoat to reduce shedding.

Dematting or deshedding may be required for longer hair

cuts depending upon coat condition. 

Shampoo & Conditioner Upgrades

Itchy Pet? Sprayed by a skunk? Dandruff? Tell us your pet's ailment and we'll let you know which option is best.

Choose from: Oatmeal, Hypo-allergenic, Deodorizing,

Skunk Odor Removal, Anti-Itch Treatment, Fur Butter

Deep Moisturizer, Blueberry Facial Cleanser, All Natural

Flea Shampoo, Degreasing Shampoo. 

Teeth Brushing

Teeth are brushed with a natural pet toothpaste and breath is freshened with Fresh Breath Foam.

Fur Color, Feather Extensions
& Nail Color

Add a splash of color and attitude to your pet. Feather extensions are long lasting but easy to remove. Fur color is a temporary, vegan dye and is best for light colored coats.

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