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Meet Our Family!

Lisa, Owner & Salon Director
Lisa started her career of taking care of pets at her first job at a vet clinic before opening a pet grooming shop with two business partners. After going separate ways, Lisa re-branded the grooming with her daughter as Fluff N' Suds Pet Salon. Her fur-kids include 2 Heelers named Mia & Roo, Border Collie named GiGi and Lab/Beagle Mix named Addie. 

Michelle, Pet Stylist
Our pet stylist for over 15 years. Her fur-kids include a Saint Bernard Mix named Sam, Cattle Dog Mix named Beesly, French Bulldog/Pug named Louie and Pit Bull Mix named Bella.

Ariel, Pet Stylist
Our pet stylist of over 12 years. Her fur-kids include an Australian Cattle Dog named Gus, a Mini Aussie named Nugget and an Australian Shepherd named Ben.

Kaitlyn, Owner & Salon Manager
Our salon manager of 12 years. Her fur-kids include a Lab Mix named Maggie, Pit Bull named Rocco and Pit Bull/Boxer mix named Gypsy. 

Skylar, Pet Stylist
One of our newest pet stylist! Skylar has around 4 years of experience and just returned to grooming after having her daughter. Her fur-kids include a Lab mix named Lanie & a long-haired German Shepherd named Ripley.

Bree, Pet Stylist
Our newest pet stylist! Bree has around 8 years of experience and ran her own mobile grooming salon before retiring her van.

Kyra, Pet Bather & Assistant Director
Our top pet bather of over 7 years. Her fur-kid is a Golden Retriever named Crystal.

Lizzy, Pet Bather & Assistant Manager
Our assistant manager of over 2 years. Her fur-kids are 2 Pit Bulls named Copper & Desirae and a kitty named Gia.


Kaitlyn, Salon Manager
Our salon manager of 9 years. Her fur-kids include a Lab/Great Dane Mix named Maggie, Pit Bull named Rocco and Pit Bull/Boxer named Gypsy. 

Danielle, Pet Bather & Receptionist
Our receptionist of over 2 years. Her fur-kids are a Pit Bull named Nala and a Terrier mix named Draco.

Ruby, Taylor, Addie, Allyson, Lily, Professional Bathers


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